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Cinema Jenin Creative Class founded

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

The Cinema Jenin Creative Class was founded as a project of Cinema Jenin to support citizens, especially youths, of Jenin in different fields of creativity. As a co-project of Cinema Jenin the Creative Class will focus on workshops in film and acting. Additionally it will offer workshops in graphic-design, dancing, and drawing. More workshops in other fields of creativity are imaginable. Creative Class is conceived as a “docking-station”, the many volunteers that join Cinema Jenin constantly can dock in, depending on their profession.

Since Ocober 2012 several workshops were already done at Cinema Jenin. There was a workshop for children how to do your own flipbook with drawings/photographs and a workshop about stop-motion clips. Both workshops were held by three german volunteers, Silas Bahr, Simon Walch and Konstantin Helmsauer. Please follow this link: to see the result of the stop-motion workshop.

In September/November there were two photography-worskhops, one for children „basic photography with disposable cameras“ and another one „photography with smartphones“ for students.

In the childrens worskhop, the participants learned playfully how to use their disposable cameras and how to compose good photographs. This workshop was guided by Mohammed Dasouqi (Palestine), Marte Woxen (Norway) and Julius Matuschik (Germany). The results were exhibited in the Gallery of Cinema Jenin.


Due to the fact that most people nowadays use their smartphones as cameras, a workshop about the basics of photography with smartphones was realised by Mamoun Kanaan, Shadi Balsheh, Mohammed Dasouqi (Palestine), Julius Matuschik and Ingo Bever (Germany). This Workshop was done in cooperation with the Arab American University, Jenin. The results were exhibited in the gallery of the Arab American University. The best pictures were granted by prizes sponsored by Almahroom Optics and Al Ganem Electronics, both local dealers from Jenin.


In the same period there was a digital imaging workshop for beginners realised by Shadi Balsheh, Mohammed Dasouqi (Palestine) and Ingo Bever (Germany). During 6 lessons the participants learned the basics of Adobe Photoshop.

EURO 2012 in the Open Air Cinema

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

In the big screen of the Open Air Cinema we are presenting the European cup Finals 2012 (UEFA Poland-Ukraine) in the Summer evening of the 8th of June in the most exciting atmosphere.










My Palestine / Short Films

Friday, March 30th, 2012

To be shown in Cinema Jenin on April 23rd at 5 PM.

This film was made during a workshop organized by the Goethe Institut to encourage young palestinians to show their country through the lenses of their cameras.



CINEMA JENIN – The Story of a dream | World Premiere 22.Nov.2011 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (idfa)

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Dear friends of Cinema Jenin!

we proudly announce the Worldpremier of the film CINEMA JENIN – The Story of a Dream on November 22 in the section “International Competition” of the 24th International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (idfa).

The dream of reopening the old cinema in Jenin/Palestine began with the critically acclaimed film “Heart of Jenin” (2010 German Film Award). The documentary film tells the story of Ismael Khateeb, a resident of the Jenin refugee camp, whose 11-year-old son Ahmed was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in 2005. Ismael and his wife decided to donate their son’s organs to Israeli children- a gesture of peace and reconciliation. The film helped to spread the message across the world. Jenin itself, however, still lacked a proper place to show its very own story. Therefore, Ismael Khatib, his translator Fakhri Hamad and filmmaker Marcus Vetter decided to bring the old cinema in the heart of the city back to life. Cinema Jenin is meant to be a place for the people, with much to offer: culture, fun, education, job opportunities, and a bridge to the wide world behind the wall.

The film CINEMA JENIN tells this story from the very first moment. It becomes a drawn-out process, as the German director at the center of his own story encounters complex cultural relationships and sentiments. Initially, he doesn’t understand many Palestinian customs and he gets taken to task for it on several occasions. What’s more, the involvement of foreign parties is a delicate issue for many Palestinians – especially when it comes to Israel. Although the new cinema is supposed to welcome everyone, the enterprise prompts reactions that reveal the painful nature of the relationship between Palestine and Israel. The word “peace” becomes extremely charged, and the initiators Ismael, Fakhri and Marcus have to take care that the social project doesn’t turn into a political one. These and other problems need to be solved with the help of a few big names, lots of volunteers, and even more cigarettes. (IDFA)


We would like to thank all the generous supporters, sponsors and volunteers. Without their support Cinema Jenin would not have been possible!

Cinema Jenin and its accompanying projects are still in their early stages. In order to establish Cinema Jenin as an economically viable and self-supporting project, Cinema Jenin still need financial, conceptual, and personal support to continue our work. The tasks include further training of the Palestinian team in managing the cinema and organizing cultural events, ensuring a diverse film program, proceeding with film and theatre workshops, developing educational activities as well as professional training opportunities, and much more.

Your Cinema Jenin Team

Screenings in Amsterdam

20/11 – 12:00 Industry screening
22/11 – 17:15 World Premier in Tuschinski 1
24/11 – 11:30 Extended Q&A

More information:

Director Marcus Vetter
Photography Alex Bakri
Editing Saskia Metten
Music Avi Balleli
Production Philippa Kowarsky for Cinephil
Thomas Grube for Boomtownmedia
Uwe Dierks for Boomtownmedia

Involved TV Channel

Yes Docu

Ramadan evening event on 26th August

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

This will take place on the 26th August, which also happens to be 26th day of Ramadan: It is suggested & supported by the Ministry of Culture in Ramallah as part of Jenin Summer cultural festival 2011 which will include a well known group from Nazareth called Al-Haqq music band of 25 musicians and dancers performing national Palestinian songs and traditional folklore dancing. We predict this event to bring a large crowd of audience over 500 people to make a perfect Ramadan celebration.



Children Summer Camp 2011

Monday, July 25th, 2011

During the Summer Festival from 9th July – 26th July we had a special Festival for children taking place simultaneously inside and outside the cinema including a magician, a clown and a theatre play.




Jenin Summer Cultural Festival 2011

Monday, July 25th, 2011

from 9th July – 26th July

On the 9th of July Cinema Jenin presented the Jenin Summer Culture Festival attended by the Palestinian Minister of Culture Seham Barghouti and her delegation, the governor of Jenin Mousa Qadura. Guests from the Cultural Media like poets, writers and musicians from the local area of Jenin as well as guests from palestinians of 1948 attended as well the festival. The films screened for one week were all documentary, discussing the living problems facing palestinians on a daily basis under occupation. It also included palestinian films beyond the 1948 borders in Haifa, Nazareth and other towns.

On the 16th of July the Festival started with the very successful Marj Ibn-Amer with Palestinian Folklore Dancing starting and the famous Dabka Group Al Asayel from Ramallah. There where over 800 excited people of all ages in the audience who participated in singing and dancing with the group until midnight. Along the second week Cinema Jenin presented other famous palestinian groups with all types of Folklore Dancing and singing like Nazareth Folklore and Dabka Group. The young superstar Morad Swaiti sang on the third night of the Festival, which was very entertaining for the youth. Included in the Festival, there was a market of traditional embroidery, accessoires, sewing products like pillow covers and palestinian traditional food from a Women skills association. All in all, a lot of families and people of all ages came and enjoyed these multicultural days of the festival.

Festival Picture-Gallery

700 students watching Shakespeare’s “King Lear” at Cinema Jenin

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the area Jenin, we will host more than 700 students studying for their final exams. From March 29th to 31st we screen a film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s drama “King Lear”, which was read in the English classes in 11th grade and hope the students will profit from the visualization of their learning matter. We also consider screening movies for several other grades within the next months.


Exhibition «Gaza, after the 2009 war» by Kai Wiedenhöfer

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

The Goethe-Institut in Ramallah and Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand in cooperation with Cinema Jenin invites to the exhibition opening

«Gaza, after the 2009 war»

Photos by Kai Wiedenhöfer

Wednesday 16th of March, 5 p.m.,

at the Cinema Jenin

Free Admission

On March 16th, the Goethe-Institut Ramallah will open an exhibition with photos by Kai Wiedenhöfer in the gallery of our Cinema.

Kai Wiedenhöfer, born in 1966, is a well-known and award-winning photographer from Germany. He has already published his work in prestigious magazines like „Newsweek“, „Time“, „Le Monde“ and „Stern“.

His photos, documenting the consequences of Israel’s war against Gaza, have been awarded with the Carmignac Gestion Photojournalist Award 2009.

Unpeopled images of ruined buildings photographed with an architectural precision are contrasted with portraits of equally ruined people with truncated limbs and scarred bodies.

A selection of this work will be presented in Cinema Jenin.


Screening “Women of Cyprus”

Monday, March 7th, 2011

The documentary “Women of Cyprus” by Vassiliki Katrivanou and Bushra Azzouz explores on the eve of the U.N. referendum on the Annan Plan, the hidden histories of the divided island, the meanings of safety and home, and the women’s will to live together again.

Screening on Sunday, 13th march, 5 p.m. at Cinema Jenin.