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Friday is Muslim Sunday – Johannes’ diary day 3

Friday, July 31st, 2009

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Friday, which means Muslim Sunday.
We have been invited for lunch at a voluntary worker’s place. His mother together with her daughter (women in the kitchen!) had prepared another delicious meal: stuffed zucchinis with yoghurt dip, minced meat with tomatoes casserole, rice, salad, fried chickens with almonds and cinnamon, spinach, desert. gorgeous meal and great to experience the daily life of the families. Afterwords we have been very efficient: Fakhri doing bookkeeping and me updating the plans till late at night.

Inspection of the Cinema – Johannes’ diary day 2

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

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Inspection of the building site with Achim and to do list regarding the next steps followed by wandering around the market place and the pulsating shopping streets. We ended up, as is so often the case, on Fakhri’s balcony for, chilling and having great conversations.

Arrival – Johannes’ first day in Jenin

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

29072009_2 29072009_1

We arrived and immediately felt at home. What a wonderful and heartily welcome! People seem to appreciate the continuity of our visits. The renovation works at the guesthouse turned out to be great.

At the building site, the mood is bright (in contrast to German sites). In the evening, we were invited for a tasty BBQ at the pavor’s, enjoying “happy chickens” and freshly cut grapes – sitting in the fresh breeze in a nearby village in the surrounding mountains.

Update on the renovation of cinema Jenin – Things are still missing

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

07072009_2_1 07072009_2_2

Concerning the renovation of the cinema everything goes fine. A digital projector, a 35mm projector, the screen, a 3D cinema system and the sound system are sponsored already by private people and companies. One of the things which are still missing is a ground support rigg (40.000 Euro) for the lighting system as the walls of the cinema do not fit to the weights we have. The rigg is not included in the renovation costs covered by the German government.

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