“Global Eyes TV” Film-Workshop I

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Dear friends of Cinema Jenin,
While surfing in the internet, I found a challenging project first established in Berlin/Germany: „Global Eyes TV – TV for global youth“. It’s all about building-up online tv-channels all around the world for young people showing their commitment and insights into their daily life. People form 16 countries, among Afganistan, Albania, Cambodia, Burma and Rwanda have already started to work on their first reports. See the first results online.

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My first thought was that this could be a perfect opportunity for the children in the refugee camp of Jenin. In an interview Marcus mentioned, that people around the world should come to Jenin to get an idea about the current situation here to rectify their ready-made opinion based on the most negative media reports.
So I decided to cooperate with „Global Eyes TV“, to organize a workshop in Jenin in August, and to built up our own TV-channel. By doing so,  the youngsters would become part of the global community. Immediately, I wrote an email to Britta Mischer, one of the founders of the project. Two weeks later, on one of my regular trips to Berlin, I meet her face to face. We both have been very pleased about the idea and we uploaded the first two spots that Marcus and Alex Bakri had produced with the children during the production of „Heart of Jenin“. So we have got our own country category as „ Palestinian National Authority“ in their website.
Check out here: http://reset.to/global-eyes-tv
(Sorry – until now the website is exists in German yet they do work on an English version.)

Stay tuned!

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