About the Beauty of an early Morning

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Early in the morning, Walid, our great guide, picked us up at the guesthouse. It was really cold in February. We have been a small group of braves, ready to share the beauty of the first sun-rays over Jenin’s mountains.

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What great views! Walid showed us beautiful well known (cyclamens/Alpenveilchen) and unknown plants:

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We collected herbs for a morning tea, and he introduced us to some cute members of the elephant’s and sea cow’s family – no kidding! – the Hyrax (Schliefer in German).


Dr. Walid Basha, microbiologist, teaching at the Arab American University Jenin, AAUJ, knows what he is talking about. He is a biologist in love with nature. And therefore he is seriously concerned with the lack of awareness regarding its preservation – see the photo of the numerous traces of destruction in these beautiful, wild mountains. He also explained the bad shapes of the forests: “These trees are strangers here, an imported gift yet unable to adapt themselves…”

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After our interesting tour, Walid invited us to visit his museum and laboratory – all in all, it has been a real adventure!


By the way, if you came to Jenin all the way from Japan (like our friend Sushi) and you would love to get a tour in your native language, no problem: Walid studied in Japan!

And last but not least:
We already talked to the Ministry of Education about our plans to show documentaries at Cinema Jenin in collaboration with the local schools, accompanied by professionals for Q&A. Walid will be on of them, talking to the kids about the flora and fauna of the world – and especially of Jenin’s wonderful surroundings. And we also talked about organizing “anti-waste-days” with the kids.

Let’s do it and see you soon!

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