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All of our international collegues work on a voluntary basis. Project Cinema Jenin requires money and material resources to keep running. Money donated will directly go to our project in Jenin. 
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  The cinema contains 500 artfully crafted cinema chairs, in urgent need of repair. The cast iron side parts will be re- stored, the seat will be covered to preserve the original design. Each chair will display the name of the donor(s). adopt now link   Lend us your voice and help us to raise awareness about our project and the situation here in Jenin. We will gladly provide information material to anyone who wants to spread the word.
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There are many talented and open minded people in Jenin. Help to enable the locals to run Cinema Jenin by themselves by organizing a workshop in your field of expertise. Your commitment will be appreciated.
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  One of the most valuable help you can contribute to our project is your time. We are looking for volunteers to work here in Jenin, but support in your country is needed as well. You don’t have to travel the world to help!
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